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Take A Moment: Ju...

Take A Moment: Just So They Know & 2 new chunky 4x4s!

I hope you are enjoying your week! On Tuesday, I asked the soulful community of mamas who gather at the KmB Facebook page… What is ONE thing you TRY to do EVERY day to keep your relationship with your child strong? Just so they know how you feel Here is what you shared: reading together, […]

Take A Moment: Ba...

Take A Moment: Baby Is Still Inside & This Week’s Mini Original
Wherever I Go by Katie m. Berggren

Coming across past photos and videos of our children can touch us in a longing sort of way. We wish we could go back to those moments, even just for an hour, to hold those babies again. But then, we look into the eyes of our big kiddos, and we realize… those babies are STILL in there! […]

Take A Moment: ch...

Take A Moment: choose your mood ~ & a new mini painting
Child Of Water by Katie m. Berggren

Hi there  ~ Take a breath, look around. It might not be as bad as you think. I wholeheartedly know something, and I think YOU wholeheartedly know it, too. We just keep letting ourselves forget. Here is what we know: WE choose our attitude in any given moment. WE get to choose how we feel. […]

Take A Moment: Ch...

Take A Moment: Chaos ~ & a new mini painting
Child Of Focus by Katie m. Berggren

Hi there~ Recently, I asked the wise mamas on Facebook how they keep their homes out of Chaos. Here’s the scoop: small cleaning bursts throughout the day vs. a full day of cleaning; minimizing possessions to simplify (my personal fave); meal planning; cleaning one room per day; and also important: lowering our standards ~ sounds […]

All-Encompassing, brand new original 8x8" painting by Katie m. Berggren

I am enjoying reading The Art Of Loving by Erich Fromm, and I love his description of a mother’s love as all-encompassing, unconditional and all-protective. I’m saving the titles All-Enveloping & All-Embracing for later paintings, too!   All-Encompassing ~ a luscious & textured 8×8″ original painting on canvas ~ is she meant for YOU? Welcome her home, here. All-Encompassing is […]

Your Moments ~ mo...

Your Moments ~ more lovely moments

I receive many testimonials and images from my wonderful collectors all over the world. I have chosen some to share with you, to inspire you in how the pieces can and have been matted, framed, hung, worn and loved! See many more images here! I adore seeing how mamas have placed their KmBerggren prints and paintings in […]

Two Inspirations ...

Two Inspirations & Solid As Stone
Two Inspirations brand new original painting by Katie m. Berggren

Thank you, first of all, to my friends on Facebook who helped me to name this new 20×20″ painting before releasing her to the world today: Two Inspirations. Two Inspirations My intention for this original painting and for the prints of this piece, is to provide a reminder and an inspiration. This mama has Two […]

Smelling The Flow...

Smelling The Flowers & Gift Certificates

Good Morning! A quick reminder that it is not too late to get Mama a Gift Certificate so she can choose her own lovely motherhood moments. And! Introducing, Smelling The Flowers ~ a brand new 8×10″ original painting for the Everyday Connection Collection. May she inspire YOU to stop and smell the flowers today. The wisteria […]

Nothing Short Of ...

Nothing Short Of Magic ~ the Everyday Connection Collection
Nothing Short Of Magic by Katie m. Berggren

Nothing Short Of Magic is the 32nd original one-of-a-kind painting for the Everyday Connection Collection ~ released right now!  This mother surrounds and protects her three beneath a magic starry & reflective sky. The Everyday Connection Collection started in November 2013 and is inspired by the opportunities we have each day to connect with a child. […]

Family Of Four Pr...

Family Of Four Project ~ collage prints!

1 composition ~ 4 handfuls of color ~ 4 completed paintings ~ 1 Virtual Art Opening the Family Of Four Project is a new project of original paintings ~ each set of 4 paintings will be created as an exploration of color and texture for one composition. Each original painting becomes available (and some are available here), but something […]

Earn Rewards in t...

Earn Rewards in the Online Studio Shop

Earn Reward Points on original paintings or prints in the Online Studio Shop. earn up to 30 points per original painting and 3 points for every print purchased.  (and 30 points = a free $30 to spend in the shop ~ cool, eh?) If you create an account (super easy) in the Online Studio Shop before […]

The Everyday Conn...

The Everyday Connection Collection ~ 20 paintings so far

The Everyday Connection Collection has been in full swing for three months with an original 8×8″ one-of-a-kind painting released every Thursday morning. This has been so fun and I have loved the connection that these paintings are creating between other mothers on Facebook. There have been 20 paintings released so far and a few of […]

New! Get Reward P...

New! Get Reward Points for purchasing original paintings

I have exciting news! Before today, Rewards Points were earned only for KmBerggren print purchases, but now… Starting this week, you will also earn Reward Points when you purchase original paintings in the Online Studio Shop! ~ earn up to 30 points per original painting purchased! (and 30 points = a free $30 to spend […]

The Everyday Conn...

The Everyday Connection Collection ~ happening now!

I am pleased to share with you the Everyday Connection Collection ~ a series of mini original paintings that began in November. I have been releasing 1-2 pieces every week, and sharing the process and release on the Facebook Page. This collection is inspired by the opportunities we have each day to connect with a […]

Free Shipping Wor...

Free Shipping Worldwide – Tues & Wed

 Every November, I offer Free Global Shipping for 2-days ~ to get us all thinking about gift giving! That special time starts NOW!! Get FREE SHIPPING all over the world, for just two days, today and tomorrow (nov 26 & 27) ~ shop now ~ use coupon code: MAMASHIP sorry, no rain checks, and while supplies […]





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thank you to my wonderful collectors

“I can't say enough about this painting. I believe that Katie has a calling to all mothers. She has perfectly depicted me and my four daughters in this print. I know that my girls will one day want this for themselves. Thank you Katie.” ~ Diane in Florida


"Natural Magic" arrived today! I fell in love with it as you posted progress on Facebook, but I have to say that the original far exceeded my expectations. It is breathtakingly beautiful. The subtle detail that is added from the brush strokes and texture just don't come through in a picture. I can't even begin to express how happy it makes my heart to look at your art. The painting has found a home on my piano with the prints I already had. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. ~ Erin in Indiana


“As a mother of three, cosleeper, baby wearer and breast feeder I was immediately drawn to Katie's work. When I came across this painting, it just spoke to my soul. It portrays one of those moments when a snuggle with your child transcends everything and you can feel the love pouring out of your heart, connecting you and your child in an indescribable way. Beautiful piece. “ ~ Kathleen in Pennsylvania

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